Dixon News

The Dixon Metadata Logging & Search (MLS) for News is a powerful tool that will enhance the value of your News Library by enabling the full breadth of the library to be quickly and intuitively searched. The MLS is easy to use allowing rich metadata to be entered quickly and consistently and then enabling the simple search for any of the logged content.

The MLS is a web-based application providing flexibility on where, when and by whom it is used. The MLS contains a purpose-built logging tool and a search interface containing 27-years of MetaData Workflow experience but is tailored specifically for your News organization.

The Dixon loggers and search tools build Content Intelligence into the screen to assist the user in capturing the essence and the details of each clip. Content Intelligence includes Rosters of Congress, the White House, and even Story Rosters. Story Rosters, for Natural Disaster, Shootings or other events, grow as the story grows and are instantly available whenever that story reappears. Content Intelligence also includes buttons for quick and consistent entry of content specific metadata. The Base News Logger, MLS’s Logger Templates and MLS Search combine the news experience of your News Organization with the logging experience of Dixon building Content Intelligence into each template.

News Tools


Dixon Loggers are simple to use yet enable the entry of Rich MetaData quickly through Content Intelligence,  The logger knows the story being logged, how many camera angles are available, your generic keywords, and which personalities are important.  The logger imports external data feeds including lists of personalities, transcripts, rundowns, and AI metadata.  The logger writes to our database and to your MAM’s & PAM’s live so the rich metadata is put to work immediately.  The logger imports the event transcript, creates entries based on timecode which is kept in a separate logging track from the logged data.  Customers can have multiple news templates with tag buttons that are consistent across all the templates.


Dixon Search gives instant access to decades of content via an interface that also knows your content.  The searches are intuitive, think of what you need and there it is ready for editing.   The Search gives instant access to your entire library with date ranges, the same buttons that are on the loggers and easy personality and and even story ID entry fields.   The Search drags & drops any angle or all available angles to your Editor bin be it on Avid or Adobe. The searches date ranges allow your to search for just today’s logged content when your are working on the hot stories of the day.

Partner Tools

Dixon’s benefits are further multiplied by our seamless integration with other broadcast products to create powerful workflows.  Dixon integrates with; ingest controllers & servers, MAM’s & PAM’s, transcoders, production editors, content distribution systems, AI engines, and existing knowledge libraries. The Logger can be launched from a MAM or generate logging sessions triggered by an ingest controller. The logger can ingest a low-res for logging or use any available low-res.  The Logger writes metadata to PAM’s and MAM’s Live.  Searches instantly allow dragging and dropping to Production Editors to create packages.

Dixon News Benefits 

Do More, Faster

By knowing the content, the MLS allows you to create richer MetaData logs and find the best clips in less time.  Log all eight angles of a Senate hearing simultaneously!  Import the transcript of the hearing in one step and its applied to all angles.  Any of your Keywords entered with one keystroke.   Story keywords simply added to buttons then also entered with a keystroke.  Searching is also faster, click a few buttons and the needed clips are ready for editing.

Eleminates Clerical Work

Dixon’s Loggers and Search do the clerical work saving your team time and frustration.  Transcripts are automatically broken in to the Timecode chunks on import, no more copying and pasting to multiple records. Want to share your log, put it directly into the clipboard and paste it anywhere you want. Looking for all available media on your story both feed and show generated?  Access all available assets simply and instantly from one interface that allows you to drag and drop to your Editor! 

Type Faster… really

Journalists are typers.  The Dixon MLS helps your journalists type faster and at the same time create a richer log. Using keyboard short cuts for your generic keywords and pin-able story buttons the journalist’s hands need never leave the keyboard.  By accessing the buttons with shortcuts, more information is entered faster and more consistently.  The log is also enriched because the buttons write metadata to additional fields to more fully capture the event and speed searches.

Makes Existing Systems  Better

By adding the Dixon MLS,  that knows your content and your existing systems, your existing systems work better. The Dixon MLS seamlessly integrates with your existing systems adding your content intelligence.  Most broadcast tools are generic instruments that don’t have content intelligence.  Loggers and search interfaces are compromises that must work with everyone’s content.  You only have your content so we eliminate their compromises and tune your workflow and existing systems to your needs.