Customer Tailored Rich Metadata Workflows

Without Rich Metadata, Your Assets aren’t Assets

Content is King but Access is the Golden Goose

More cameras, higher resolutions, lots of hours, remote locations, workers at home, the flood of content is never ending and hard to manage.  To keep from drowning, while at the same time putting more of your investment onto today’s many screens, requires Rich Metadata.

Dixon Sports Computing’s Rich Metadata Engine helps our clients profitably manage the flood of content.  All your content from every camera is instantly accessible to everywhere, spurring creativity and exploiting your entire content library instead of just what people remember or stumble across.  Content that can’t be quickly and easily found is dead weight costing you money.

Dixon’s Tools

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Avid and Premiere Integrations


EVS, GVG, Imagine, Harmonic

“Dixon’s passion is creating, with our customers, powerful Metadata workflows to enable the creative process.

Dixon studies each Client’s needs and existing resources to build Content Intelligence into our powerful Metadata Engine maximizing value for each Customer.”


Michael Dixon, President

Content Intelligence Tailored to Your Workflow Since 1992

Content Intelligence is Dixon’s Magic.  Your content is unique.  The better your Dixon System knows your content the easier it is to log and find.  

The Dixon Loggers and Search use your terminology, know which camera angles are available, which personalities are important, and the types of events that create great shows.  The Dixon MetaData engine is built to easily adopt to  your specific content

Your Logger and Search are sophisticated interfaces tailored to your content.  Your Logger enables the simple entry of consistent rich metadata and your Search provides intuitive access to any of you content instantly. 

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