All of the Dixon Sports Computing products are based on the Dixon Sports Engine.  The Dixon Sports Engine has been developed and refined since 1992 to manage sports video clips; delivering them where and when they are needed in the proper format.

Our Products Include:

  • Dixon Highlight System
  • Affordable Asset Management
  • Baseball Coaching System
  • Live Event System
  • D4 Internet Show Creation
  • Custom Software Development
The Sports Engine is used by sports broadcasters, as part of the Dixon Hilite System and just released Dixon SAM (Sports Asset Management) System.  It is used by major stadiums and arenas with our Live Event System and by professional sports teams who use the Dixon Sports Analysis System.

The Sports Engine feeds the metadata and video to our Internet custom Show Creator.  It also is the basis of our Custom Software Development.

The Sports Engine contains the hooks for Logging, Hilite Selection, Search and interfaces with our many partner's products.  The engine interfaces with AVID, Harris, Apple, Final Cut, Grass Valley, Quantel, Sony, EVS, among many others.

What We Do

Dixon helps your work… flow. Tag your assets with metadata to get them where needed - on time and in the right format.

  • Easy to Use Sport Specific Loggers
  • Hilite Selectors: Drag and Drop to Editor
  • Sports Asset Management (SAM)
  • Show Creator: Monetize Your Assets
  • Compatible with all Major Vendors
  • Live Event Replay