Dixon's partners include most of the biggest industry names.  The Dixon Sports Engine integrates with our partner's products to create the custom workflow your operation requires.  We are constantly adding new partners, as determined by our customer's requirements.  We are interested in hearing about the integration needs of your project.
  • AVID (Interplay, Streaming Server, Shotlists)
  • Apple Final Cut Pro
  • Adobe (Premiere)
  • Doremi
  • EVS (XFile, XTAcces, XT2)
  • Harris (Nexio, Velocity, Velocity Low-res, CIFS Final Cut, FTP Server)
  • Front Porch (DIVArchive)
  • NLTek
  • Grass Valley (K2, Aurora, Aurora Low-res Browse)
  • Sony (XDCAM, XDCAM Low-res)
  • EditShare
  • IPV
  • Quantel (Q-server, Q-edit, Media Browse, Power Portal)
  • Sienna
  • VizRT (DART, Ardome)
We work very closely with our partners to maximize your benefit for the integration.  The great synergy in our integration makes both our partners and our products shine by delivering solutions that go beyond the basic requirements.  More and more of the broadcast vendors realize that allowing third party integration makes their products more useful to their customers.  Dixon exploits these interfaces to help create your custom solution.

What We Do

Dixon helps your work… flow. Tag your assets with metadata to get them where needed - on time and in the right format.

  • Easy to Use Sport Specific Loggers
  • Hilite Selectors: Drag and Drop to Editor
  • Sports Asset Management (SAM)
  • Show Creator: Monetize Your Assets
  • Compatible with all Major Vendors
  • Live Event Replay