Dixon Integration with Final Cut and Avid

Dixon Sports Computing makes it easy to get your sports assets into your Final Cut or AVID editors.

Final Cut Pro
We have a version of our Hilite Selector that runs on Final Cut Pro. The Hilite Selector organizes your logged video by game.  The Hilite Selector has game summary buttons to quickly get to the types of plays that typically make up the packages. The data can also be sorted and filtered, as needed, using the column headings. The Hilite Selector also has rating buttons that give immediate access to the highest rated plays of that game.

Once you have found a play or plays that you want to move to your bin, simply drag and drop them. Multiple clips from each play can be selected and moved to the Final Cut bin.

Our more general search tool can also be used to get clips to Final Cut using drag and drop.

Our Avid interface is more remote, but also effective. The Hilite Selector or Search can be used to find the clips of interest.  The clips are then sent to Interplay using the web services, API, through the shot list feature.  Open the shot list in Avid and all of your clips are available for your edit session.

We also can detect clips being ingested into Avid to create logging sessions and move clips into Interplay using the transfer manager.

Let us know how Dixon Sports Computing can enhance your Final Cut or Avid workflows.

What We Do

Dixon helps your work… flow. Tag your assets with metadata to get them where needed - on time and in the right format.

  • Easy to Use Sport Specific Loggers
  • Hilite Selectors: Drag and Drop to Editor
  • Sports Asset Management (SAM)
  • Show Creator: Monetize Your Assets
  • Compatible with all Major Vendors
  • Live Event Replay