Dixon HiliteSystem

Multiple incoming games, multiple highlight packages per game.  The Dixon Hilite System makes it as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Log using our sport-specific, graphical logging screens with intelligent rosters.

2. Select the plays to be used in the package out of the hundreds logged using the Hilite Selector to place them right on the  timeline.

3. Use your favorite production editor to create the package or the Dixon Package Editor to quickly create your highlight package.

Dixon Sports Computing has created a system designed specifically for the sports broadcast industry. The Dixon Hilite System is a video server based system with multiple redundancies to ensure that highlights get to air. Our Hilite System is fast, elegant, simple and sport-specific; master it in less than 30 minutes.

By using our proven Dixon sports engine, designed specifically to log, manage the metadata and for systems control, you will be able to have your highlights air instantly.

The Dixon Hilite System is designed to allow for limitless growth and enhancements to meet your specific needs.  Each sport has a customized logger with a generic logger for other sports. Our built-in data redundancy assures that every clip is available when and where you need it.


What We Do

Dixon helps your work… flow. Tag your assets with metadata to get them where needed - on time and in the right format.

  • Easy to Use Sport Specific Loggers
  • Hilite Selectors: Drag and Drop to Editor
  • Sports Asset Management (SAM)
  • Show Creator: Monetize Your Assets
  • Compatible with all Major Vendors
  • Live Event Replay