Cost Effective Sports Asset Management (SAM)

The Dixon SAM includes all the tools you need to log, move, find and exploit your sports video assets. The SAM puts all you clips at your finger tips, whenever, wherever and in the correct format.

Whatever the video formats, size of the library, existing hardware and future plans the Dixon SAM will improve the workflow saving time, money and enabling the production of better products. The SAM also opens up your library so that all your clips are even easier to access than those on your tape of favorites sitting on your desk. Monetization options for your clip library are no longer cost prohibitive but can be profit centers almost immediately.

Powered by our proven, refined, and powerful Dixon Sports Engine, the SAM’s capabilities are customized to fit each customer’s specific requirements. The heart of the system is our industry Standard SQL Dixon SAM Database. The SAM database’s power is easily accessed by our sophisticated manned-stations for logging, hilite selection, search, and management. The SAM can also include automated functions for moving video and metadata to the web, to other systems in the facility, and to other organizations.

Dixon’s open modular design allows the easy expansion of the SAM as the facility evolves.

SAM works seamlessly with hardware and software from most of the major video companies including, Harris, GVG, IBM, EVS, Ardendo, Apple, AVID, Sony, Quantel, Front Porch, IPV, Sienna and many others. New product interfaces can be added quickly and easily. The SAM’s list of products supported continually grows.

What We Do

Dixon helps your work… flow. Tag your assets with metadata to get them where needed - on time and in the right format.

  • Easy to Use Sport Specific Loggers
  • Hilite Selectors: Drag and Drop to Editor
  • Sports Asset Management (SAM)
  • Show Creator: Monetize Your Assets
  • Compatible with all Major Vendors
  • Live Event Replay