Baseball Video Coaching System

The Dixon Sports Computing Baseball Video Coaching PC Based System is an all-inclusive data and video logging, storage and retrieval system.  All data and video captured from the Dixon Baseball Logger is uploaded to the database system at your request.  The Dixon Baseball Database comes complete with a user-friendly database query tool and a graphical, interactive Spray/Pitch Chart application.  All Spray/Pitch Chart data is directly linked to its associated video that can be accessed with the click of the mouse.

Anytime after the game, the data and video captured from your Dixon Baseball Logger is uploaded to the database system.  Other than selecting the process to begin, no further user intervention is required.  During this process, the High-Res video stored on the digital server is compressed into MPEG2 format.  Each angle recorded of each pitch during the game is given its own clip name, which is used as a reference to the video in the database. The game video that is being passed into the database system is stored on the PC data server and is available at remote stations, such as the General Manager’s office, the Owner’s suite or any other location within the stadium.  Seasons of video and data are easily stored on today’s disk drives.  When traveling, download season’s worth of video onto a removable drive, and take it with you.

Once the data and video are uploaded into the database storage system, it's available for use.  A user can perform database queries to produce CD’s, DVD’s and tapes, or create Spray and Pitch Charts.  The charts are available in full color or in black and white.  The amount of pitch information displayed on the charts is user definable.  Multiple users can have access to all video and data by upgrading to a server-based system and multi-user capable database system

What We Do

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